The More I See You & The More I Love You, Interview.

The More I See You & The More I Love You by ithinkhedjustcurlup

The More I See You is a Larry Stylinson AU fan fiction, with a bit of Niam on the side. The story is set in “Westminster Rehabilitation Centre for Troubled Youth” where blind!Harry is admitted for depression. Louis is a volunteer with a society that reads books to blind people, and is asked to read for Harry while he recovers. The rest, as we say, is history.

Sequel to the fic The More I Love You in which Louis and blind!Harry met and fell in love while Harry was recovering from depression. This fic will focus on Harry’s adjustments back into normal life and his relationship with Louis in the aftermath of his stay at Westminster Rehabilitation Centre.

Warning: Spoilers.


Name: El.

Age: 18.

Country: Australia.

What made you write The More I see you?

Well, it was when I was first starting out as a writer and I’d only published a few one shots to that date and I had been toying with a few ideas for longer, chaptered fics and it actually came from a prompt. Someone prompted blind!Harry and I jumped on it and tweaked it and made it my own and added stuff in like the reading and the Niam

Why Niam? Idk, you’re more like a Ziall shipper.

I am a Ziall shipper now! Definitely!! But at the time I was young and naive and pulled into the adorableness that was Niam and I was yet to discover Ziall. I don’t know…I quite like writing Niam, they’re /easy/ to write. I still write side-Niam in a lot of stories because Ziall is more complex to me and they demand full attention in a way.

What’s your favorite character in the story? Also, what’s the character you enjoy writing most of the time?

Oh my favourite is Harry, for sure. He is just so precious and there isn’t a lot written from his perspective because I love writing him through the eyes of other people. I do it in all my stories and I feel bad because I never get a chance to give Harry a point of view, but I just enjoy writing /about/ him too much. I also love Zayn in the TMISY/TMILY verse. He is a lot of fun to write just because he’s different to everyone else and I make myself laugh at my own un-funny jokes when writing Zayn (haha).

They are actually funny; believe me while reading it I almost fell of the bed a few times thanks to Zayn.

Haha no! I swear it’s only me laughing at myself because I think I’m funny but I’m really not.

In the epilogue of TMISY Harry called Louis and he told him “I can see you” what does he meant?

 Yeah, I get a lot of questions about that, which makes me think I made it unclear (whoops), but it is really meant in a metaphorical sense. Harry is blind (obviously) and so he has to find a different way of /seeing/ people that no one else really has to use and when he heard Louis singing, it was Louis’ way of showing Harry who he really was. So no, Harry couldn’t really see him, but he could /see/ him? (I put a question mark at the end there because I’m so bad at explaining it).

You mean he could feel who Louis really is, is that?

Exactly! Kind of like - could see his soul, but I hate saying that because it sounds lame. But I really can’t think of a better way to describe it. I like your way though!

Thanks, haha. How would you describe your characters? A word to describe every of them.

Okay, this is tricky!

Harry: searching. Louis: fiercely protective (sorry that’s two words I know). Niall: a little bit of everything – bright. Liam: accepting, happy. Zayn: accepting too…carefree (but not in the wild and ridiculous way like Niall, moreso just - happy to wait for life to come to him). I failed at the “in one word” thing, sorry!

Haha, it’s hard to describe characters with one word so I’ll accept it. Since TMISY to TMILY, do you think the character changed?

I would say so. I hope they haven’t changed /too/ much, but I think Harry in particular has changed, grown up a bit, come out of his shell a little more. He’s learning to do things by himself and he’s actually got the /desire/ to now. I wouldn’t say Louis has changed that much. He’s still just as smitten with Harry as he always was.

In TMISY Liam said Harry has a problem when he wakes up from a dream, he kind of “freaks out”… Is that still happening in TMILY?

Yeah, basically, the idea is that Harry is fine if he wakes up himself, but if someone else wakes him up, he freaks out because he’s wrenched from the dream. And yes, it still happens. I mentioned it in the prologue I think and it’ll probably come out at some other stage in the story.

Some people have said about Harry being able to get a surgery… have you thought about that?

I considered it, and I’ve had a lot of followers ask me about it and suggest it, but I honestly decided against it almost as soon as the idea came into my head. Only because the whole idea of the fic is that Louis loves Harry /despite/ the fact that he’s blind and Harry loves Louis even though he can’t see him. So I think if Harry were to be able to see, it would take away from that a little bit. It’s only my personal opinion that’s stopping me really.

This fic is actually one of the cutest I have ever read, is so filled of love that it makes me cry a bit sometimes… Do you think Harry and Louis would fight at some point? I just can’t see that happening but I would like to see your answer.

Aww thank you! And who knows! I mean, every couple fights, but they’re just so fluffy all the time I never want to make them fight. We’ll see ;)

How would you describe Niam’s relationship and Larry’s relationship? In one word ;).

Awesome, for niam. Is “awesome” a bad answer? I feel as though I should make it better than that, but it’s just such an /awesome/ relationship. Larry, I would say - sickeningly sweet. That was two words again, sorry!

Haha, it’s okay! Both answers are okay. Would you say this story is hard or easy to write?

It depends what mood I’m in. I feel like I know the characters well now so they’re not hard for me to write once I sit down and get into it, but I’ve been going with this story for so long that it will be nice to put it down when I’ve finished the sequel. I don’t want to drag it out for too long.

So there are no high hopes for a new sequel?

No, sadly! I have a few secret ideas for some possible follow up one shots, but this is it in terms of sequels

Well, I bet everyone would be excited with the one shots, I’ll be one of those to be honest.

Aww thank you!

This a question I bet people would like… Talking like Louis in this one how desperate would you say he is for the thought of having sex with Harry? I mean, had he ever have to deal with wet dreams? ;).

I’d say Louis would /love/ to have sex with Harry! (Who wouldn’t, let’s be real here). So yeah, he’s desperate for it, but not enough to pressure Harry. And he’s never had a /wet dream/ per say, but he has woken up with a “problem” more times than he can count.

Harry usually gets frustrated at things like crashing with things, would you say Louis finds it cute or annoying?

I don’t think he would find it cute or /annoying/ per say. He doesn’t like that Harry gets frustrated because he doesn’t think it’s his fault and doesn’t like seeing Harry upset. So it upsets Louis in a way.

Louis seems to love Harry a lot, and the same with Harry… if you could put them a song right now which one would it be?

Oh god, that’s a /hard/ question! Really weird answer because the song has no lyrics, but Candyland by CocoRosie. It’s one of my favourite songs!

I think I’m gonna put it now every time I’m reading then, haha. If Harry was able to see for a few minutes, how would you describe his feelings after seeing Louis?

I think he’d be just as in love with him as he was before. I don’t think it matters to Harry what Louis looks like, but of /course/ he would think he were absolutely stunning

Do you think he would cry? Both of them. I think I would cry reading something like that.

I think Louis would, but I don’t know about Harry! Aww I don’t want to make anyone cry!! I always feel bad.